I’m surprised this business hasn’t been reviewed yet. I’m new to town and went to pretty much every furniture store in Oxnard in search of a couch. I found Furniture Expo to have a wide range of couches for different budgets. The people were super friendly and not at all pushy. In fact, I bought my couch from them instead of Easy Life (the couch I wanted was available both places) because the service was so much better there. Best of all, they were able to deliver it to me after work and the day after I ordered it! I’m really happy I purchased from them.

Emily P.
Camarillo, CA

“Last month I bought a Customized sectional from Furniture Expo and they offered me a prestigous brand name E.J. Lauren.  This purchase satisfied all of my expectations. The quality was excellent at a good price and short time, definitively I would recommend the store. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable”.

Sandy Sundborn
Thousand Oaks, CA